Development and Innovation

FRANK plastic AG has an in-house development team consisting of engineers, designers and ergonomists. On behalf of our customers, this team develops new approaches to existing problems, advances their ideas to concrete solutions and implements them constructively, yielding products that are ready to be manufactured. Many customers take advantage of this creative approach to problems and the capacity to realise ideas by way of a streamlined, transparent project organisation system.

The increasingly short time to market that is necessarily prevalent in the industry requires communication and the exchange of expertise to take place at an early stage of each project. This creates a systems partnership between FRANK plastic AG and its customers.

  • Our service spectrum

  • In-house development team (engineers, designers, ergonomists)
  • Wide network of users and scientists (processes, materials)
  • Development of innovative solutions, constructive implementation, production planning, streamlined and transparent project organisation
  • Wide range of partnership models with customers and partners

FRANK plastic AG
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