Guiding Principle and Code of Conduct

Our guiding principle represents our perception of ourselves. It motivates us and guides our actions. It reflects to the world what we stand for, what we want to achieve and on what standards we base our action.

Our code of conduct details those aspects of our guiding principle that govern our behaviour. It gives us legal certainty and ensures compliance. It is binding for all members of FRANK plastic AG.

  • Guiding Principle of FRANK plastic AG

  • Code of Conduct of FRANK plastic AG

Innovation and success
Innovation is the prerequisite for advancing our company and our products; it is the foundation for long-term growth and success. We consider it our duty to recognise future market developments and contribute to shaping them.

Competent staff and renowned teams
Our employees are our most important resource and indispensable for to business. Without the competence of our employees, we cannot solve any problem. To honour their contribution, we support their personal and professional advancement, give them mental space, promote teamwork and communication, and consider criticism an opportunity. We treat each other with mutual respect and protect our intellectual and material property together. From our managers, we expect initiative, openness and confidence. They involve the employees in their decision-making processes and communicate politely, respectfully and with trust.

Enthusiastic customers, close partnerships
Enthusiastic customers are our greatest reward. We are supportive partners, and our client relationships are guided by fairness, high standards and complete trust. This creates close, long-term partnerships.

Quality and quality awareness
We create sophisticated parts and products that create value for our customers. This gives us a great deal of responsibility for quality in every respect. We constantly remind ourselves of this responsibility by keeping the needs of the consumers in mind, even in our capacity as suppliers. Our parts and products are often of vital importance to them – in the field of medical technology, for instance. In this field, we call this responsible foresight for the benefit of the people “medical thinking”.

Independence and growth
We want to be independent in our business activities. To achieve this, we require economic independence. Economic independence is possible if we grow profitably to at least the extent necessary to offer our employees attractive remuneration, keep our facilities up to date and create value for our shareholders.

Legality and compliance
Conduct that complies with the laws and standards of our society is the basis of all our business activities. We always act legally and responsibly – including towards the environment. We have created a code of conduct and we stick to it.

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